Head of Cement Unit

Job ID:  4033

Athens, Attica, Greece

Function:  Engineering
Full/Part Time:  Full Time

TITAN Cement Company is currently looking for a Head of Cement & Mortars Unit (HCM). The role is placed within the Group Research, Innovation & Quality (GRIQ) corporate department, reporting to Group Head of R&D and is located at TITAN Kamari Cement Plant, in Greece.

The HCM is responsible to lead, coordinate and contribute to activities related to Research & Development, Innovation, as well as Business Support for cement, mortars and other cement-based products, aiming to add value to the organization, by broadening its product portfolio, enhancing its operational excellence and enriching its knowledge economy. The HCM brings forth and promotes best practices in quality and innovation for cement products, in line with the Group priorities and Green Growth Strategic Directions. Role duties include management of personnel, laboratory infrastructure and assets, project management, organizing and coordinating complex analytical and industrial operations, in addition to networking and general administration.

To achieve their role, HCM interfaces with multiple levels of the organization and external partners to bring forth technological novelty and solutions. The HCM establishes and maintains collaborative relationship with internal and external partners to realize projects with desired outcomes, timelines, resources and budget requirements.


What you will be doing

  • Lead the development and implementation of new concepts, products and processes, related to cement, mortars and other cement-based products with significance to TITAN Group, emphasizing on operational excellence, decarbonization and competitiveness.
  • Coordinate and contribute to activities related to maintaining superior product performance of current and future TITAN product portfolio. Provide deep domain expertise on product development to meet current and future customer expectations on performance of cement, mortars and other cement-based products.
  • Lead, coordinate and collaborate with project teams across TITAN Group to deliver results in a goal-directed, time-conscious and structured manner, managing cross-functional interfaces. Carefully plan and closely track project budgets and personnel time allocation, serving as the interface to internal departments, while providing updates to management, including scenario analyses as needed.
  • Drive collaborations with partners and relevant stakeholders, including technology and service providers, start-ups, inventors, members of academia and technology experts, to assess and implement novel, low-carbon construction materials and methods, identify opportunities and risks, as well as facilitate knowledge and technology transfer.
  • Manage personnel, laboratory infrastructure and assets, organize and coordinate complex analytical, industrial and other operations, as well as maintain and expand business and scientific networks.
  • Guide and contribute to activities that disseminate know-how, best practices and technological advances to internal and external stakeholders, including workshops and training activities.


What you will bring

  • Ph.D. Diploma in Engineering or Science (preferably in Chemical, Materials, Civil, or Industrial Engineering, or Physics or Chemistry); proven working experience of at least six (6) years in a relevant research or industrial positions.
  • Alternatively, a Master’s degree in the above fields with proven working experience of at least ten (10) years in relevant industrial or research positions; OR a Bachelor’s degree with proven working experience of at least twelve (12) years in relevant industrial or research positions.
  • Technical proficiency in cement, mortars and other cement-based products, with strong preference for hands-on experience in manufacturing. Work experience in cement production units, as well as demonstrated experience on accreditation and quality control systems (i.e. ISO 17025, ISO 9001) are considered most appropriate and preferred.
  • Demonstrated competence in matters related to innovation and sustainability for cement and mortars.
  • Demonstrated capacity in project management, processes, and tools, including planning and tracking progress, timelines, and budgets.
  • Exceptional scientific background with a proven record of accomplishment (e.g., high calibre published work, relevant completed projects, or other appropriate).
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver results in time and operate within budget.
  • Fluency in English and in at least one other EU language.
  • Excellent presentation and facilitation skills.
  • Exceptional writing competence, focusing on professional, scientific publications and reports.
  • Technology-savvy, with an ability to master industrial software applications.
  • Demonstration of scientific knowledge outside of core specialty.
  • International travel within the EU and other destinations will be required (an estimated 10% of the time).
  • Military obligations fulfilled


What you need to succeed

  • Advanced interpersonal and organizational skills, including attention to detail and multi-tasking.
  • Ability to influence without authority and to lead and organize teams.
  • Capacity to find creative solutions and generate results in a dynamic environment.
  • Innovative attitude and an innate ability to spearhead continuous improvement.
  • Keen listening, open-mindedness, and ability to see the big picture.
  • Experience in multicultural working environments or international background is preferred.